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1-to-1 Classes

(one teacher for one student)

Customized Learning

Feeling tired and frustrated with your English progress?
Let us help you turn that frustration into triumph.

At SH English Academy, we empathize with the overwhelming challenges that come with learning English. That's why our commitment is to empower you to become fluent and confident in English.

Through our personalized, 1-to-1 online English classes, our experienced native-speaking teachers will shower you with unparalleled attention and dedicated support, igniting your unstoppable path to success.

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What We Offer

Our Classes

English Certificates Prep

Achieve outstanding results in internationally recognized English certification exams…

Conversation Classes

Enhance your conversational fluency, articulate your thoughts with eloquence…

General English

Develop a strong foundation in English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Enhance all language…

English for Companies

Our customized English programs empower your organization, whether you’re…

Unsure about your English level or which class suits you best?

Our 15-minute personalized assessment is here to help.

For just 1€, you'll receive expert guidance to determine your starting point and preferences.

Pre-Recorded Courses

An Option for Flexible Learning

Cambridge B2 Exam Preparation

Explanatory Videos

Engaging videos that explain lessons, enhancing understanding and making learning enjoyable.

Downloadable Materials

Access study guides, worksheets, and resources to support and enhance your language learning journey.

Interactive Exercises

Reinforce learning through quizzes, tests, and engaging activities, promoting active student engagement.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Learn at your own pace with convenient access to courses from anywhere, anytime.

Ready for an English Adventure?

Join Our Unforgettable Summer Camp in Newquay, England

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