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Unforgettable Summer Camp Experience in Newquay (England)

At our Newquay Summer Camp, we make learning English a blast! You’ll ride the waves, visit amazing places like the Eden Project, and have fun at our silent disco—all while picking up English skills. It’s a summer full of adventure and learning, and we’d love for you to join us!

What's included?

English Classes

Enhance language skills through engaging lessons, helping you gain confidence in communication. The classes are 3 hours/day.


Experience the thrill of catching and riding the waves, guided by experienced instructors in the stunning coastal setting.

Eden Project Tour

Embark on an adventure at Cornwall’s famous Eden Project, delving into the world of biodiversity and sustainable living.


Live with welcoming local families, providing a unique cultural experience, and relish three delicious daily meals.


Delve into the coastal environment with thrilling activities like cliff-jumping and exploring hidden coves.

Truro Tour

Explore the heart of Truro, Cornwall’s vibrant capital, and uncover its rich history, culture, and distinctive local attractions.

Silent Disco

Dance without limits at our silent disco, where you groove to the music through wireless headphones.

Other Activities

Enjoy a variety of beach games, karaoke, board games, and coastal walks, all included in your camp package.

Need to Know

Newquay (NQY)


From 12 years to adults

For groups & individuals

2.099€ / 2 weeks

*flights not included

Join Us for a Summer of Learning and Adventure!


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